Meet our Local Suppliers

We bring together quality local producers and combine them with everyday essentials to make supporting multiple Local Vendors easy!

When you buy from Your Home Foods you support LOCAL PEOPLE producing great LOCAL FOODS!

We write HOW MANY local businesses you have supported on every bag!

Donna's Country Kitchen

Donna's Country Kitchen is a Saskatoon staple. Enjoy delicious pies, treats and baked goods baked right here in Saskatoon!  Thank you to Donna and Jerome for being excellent suppliers providing great products!

Hanes Hummus

Hanes Hummus was officially established by Yohannes Petros in 2012 from his home kitchen in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

As with all fruits borne from a labour of love, Hanes Hummus is the classic example of a company that became a business despite never intending to become one.

Pine View Meats

Pine View is a 4th generation farm  offering craft meats using time honoured traditions that only ONE HUNDRED years experience can provide. Pine View animals are organically raised in an ethical manner, ensuring a low stress environment for the animals. 

Mid-West Fresh Produce

Midwest Fresh Produce is a family owned and operated indoor vertical aquaponic farm located northeast of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Operating 365 days a year, Mid-West Fresh grows produce without pesticides, herbicides, GMO products or hormones. All done faster using significantly less water all on a fraction of the land used by traditional farming! 

Pioneer Meats

When you buy Pioneer Meats you support Henry, his family and another family near Hepburn. Pioneer meats provides high quality local pork, beef and prepared products for you to enjoy knowing your supporting local families.

Blanchette Ranch

50 years ago Alfred Blanchette registered the Double Bar over B brand. Tyler and Kim proudly carry on that family brand, a third generation raising the fourth generation on the family ranch 50KM Northwest of North Battleford near Vawn, SK.

Baba's Perogies

Baba's Perogies, a Saskatoon staple. Thank you to Rob and his employees for making great products right here in Saskatoon!

At Baba’s Homestyle Perogies they have been making homemade quality products for over 35 years. This includes hand-pinched perogies and cabbage rolls and homemade beet borscht. 

Parkerview Brews Kombucha

Parkerview brews fresh, unique high quality kombucha in Saskatoon using locally sourced ingredients. Improve your probiotic health while enjoying a delicious local beverage.

When you buy Parkerview Kombucha you are supporting a hard working local family developing an amazing brand!

Thank you Parkerview Kombucha!

Kristen's Home-Made Preserves

Kristen’s Homemade Preserves has been producing jams, jellies and preserves since 2006 right here in Saskatoon!   

Kristen’s Homemade Preserves uses traditional canning techniques “Just Like Grandma Made it!” offering both traditional and original recipes that are a treat to experience. 

So many more local suppliers!

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